David Chomitz, of the Cobourg Chomitz Family *

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David Chomitz Cobourg

Profession: Real Estate Guy licensed 1990

Favorite Color: Chomitz "Blue"

Favorite Pet: Dog        Favorite Car - David Chomitz is not a car guy

Favorite Food: David is a grad of (when-it's-black-it's-done) BBQ school


Thanks for stopping in at my site, I've been waiting for you. To be honest, David Chomitz has never really had any interest in having a personal site, I can't imagine anyone finding this interesting. However, here's one for anyone who stumbles upon it.

I am a part of the Cobourg area Chomitz clan, and after a long and satisfying career in construction I have, for the last 18 years been involved in the Cobourg, Port Hope Real Estate industry. Helping people buy and sell homes has been a very satisfying and en lighting experience for me. For years, a big part of my business has been helping people new to the area find their way in the community. This is a different process than normal real estate sales .... ,many of the people I meet aren't even sure what town they want to move to let alone what type of property.

The David Chomtz Method of Selling

My approach to real estate sales is one focused on collaboration ~ Working with my clients

First I try to understand the What ~ Why ~ When of your goals. Through a comprehensive interview and conversation we can get on the same page so I can become your eyes in this market. So often it's not about the home at all ... it's about how the home lets you live .... if you want sun in the morning in the kitchen, or a place to garden, or maybe a quiet deck to enjoy an evening on. I have the local knowledge to inform you of the different lifestyles you find at each home we visit .... we can talk about the pros and cons then you can make the decision that suits you best ... comfortable there won't be any surprises when the seasons change, or school is back in or soccer starts again .........

Feel free to contact me for any further information.


And once again ... I tried to make this interesting, but if you're still reading ... you don't get out enough.

Cheers .. and best of luck.

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David (Dave) Chomitz a member of the Cobourg Chomitz family

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